Pioneer Container manufactures sewn-open-mouth (SOM), pinch bottom (PBOM) and self-opening-style (SOS)-(Baler) paper bags. We inventory multi-wall and high performance papers both in natural and bleached kraft to expedite manufacturing and delivery.

Our printing presses are capable of printing both flexo-graphic and letterpress. Various printing plate companies help us with design and graphics.

Our tubers can make flush-cut and stepped-end, both gusseted and flat tube bags.


We have multiple sewing machines for the SOM style.


The PBOM line has capabilities for all standard size bags.


Baler bags are available with our two SOS style bottomers.

Pioneer Containerís inventory contains various plain and printed bags for feed, seed, and two ply wet-strength grass clipping bags. Standard 48 x 40 chipboard pallet liners, as well as, closing tapes and sewing thread are available for our customers.